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Inertia is not a strategy. Time to rethink your real estate business.

Our 4-week Disruption Stress Test™ will identify immediate opportunities to increase NOI through adoption of new systems and tools, alert you to potential threats, and uncover broader possibilities to create value at the portfolio level.

Our Executive Workshops provide a full program of briefings, guided discussions, and Q&A sessions about the latest technologies, business models, and management methods that are reshaping the real estate industry.

Our Disruption Due Diligence™ will augment your traditional legal, accounting, and market studies to help identify medium- and long-term risks, incorporate assumptions about emerging business models, and uncover unique value-add opportunities.

A fresh perspective.

Rethinking was founded by Dror Poleg, drawing on two decades of experience developing institutional real estate and innovative software, as well as researching the impact of technology on financial markets at the London School of Economics.

Dror’s insights have been featured in reports and events by KPMG, Urban Land Institute, JLL, PERE, NYU, Savills, Estates Gazette, and EPRA. Read more here.

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