Technology is reshaping cities, buildings, and the people within them.
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Praise for Rethinking Real Estate

“Core reading for investors looking to understand what the future of real estate means for them."

Jack Sibley, Innovation & Technology Strategies,
Nuveen Real Estate

"A thought-provoking exploration of technology’s impact on how commercial real estate is used, operated, and valued."

Guy Vardi, Chief Innovation Officer,
Silverstein Properties

“Rethinking Real Estate is an essential read for those with aspirations to understand and lead change. Dror Poleg charts an expert and thought provoking course starting at the pyramids and moving into a technologically enabled future. "

Richard Pickering, Chief Strategy Officer, UK,
Cushman & Wakefield

“If you need to understand the future of real estate, read this book now! It weaves together deep research with timely insights and observations about evolutionary forces in our society and explains how these changes have (and will) impact the entire real estate industry… "

– Aaron Block, Founder & Managing Director, and Co-Author
MetaProp Ventures & Proptech 101

“You have to read this book. It’s the clearest, most comprehensive analysis of the complete overhaul impacting real estate, largely driven by technology. Dror provides both an intellectual and practical dive into what is an incredibly exciting time for the sector."

Charlie Green, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,
The Office Group

“This book will help anyone that invests or operates institutional real estate to evaluate their strategy. It packs together complex topics in real estate, technology, venture investing, and innovation into almost a visual story, with anecdotes and humor."

Karen Hollinger, SVP of Strategic Initiatives,
AvalonBay Communities

“Dror’s work is always like having a long-range lens/thermometer into the real estate industry. This book is every fund and asset manager’s chart around the challenges of the future. If you want to protect the asset of your long-term career in property, this book is your survival manual."

Juliette Morgan, Head of Sustainable Development,
British Land

“This book is a must-read for any real estate professional, investment professional, or entrepreneur looking to educate themselves on the macro trends disrupting the largest asset class in the world."

Ryan Simonetti, CEO & Co-Founder,

"This book does a great job of breaking down all of the important trends in each asset class, with interesting examples and actionable takeaways in each chapter."

Julia Arlt, Global Digital Real Estate Leader,

"The real estate industry is changing. This book will help you make sense of it all by putting those changes into context and separating the facts from the noise."

Brad Hargreaves, CEO & Co-Founder,

“The book is a tour de force, exploring the mechanics of disruption. Dror provides historical context supported by a factual analysis on the decisions taken by real estate companies to survive in the new economy."

Christopher Bledsoe, Co-Founder & CEO,

“A must-read for owners of real estate interested in creating the best possible tenant experience and maximizing returns. Prepare to gain a deeper understanding of your tenant’s requirements and view the value of your real estate in an entirely new way."

Robert S. Friedman, President,
Harbor Group Management Company

"A definitive overview on how technology - across industries - is transforming real estate at a fundamental level... provides a critical layer of context on how our physical world will change over the coming years. Read this book!"

Ed Walters, General Partner,
Tamarisc Ventures

"Rethinking Real Estate is the rare book that is as entertaining as it is informative. I work on building the future of real estate every day, and still I learned something new on every page!"

Packy McCormick, VP Experience,

"If you have ‘skin in the game’ of Real Estate you have to read this book. By looking at historical precedent, the fundamental dynamics of a digital economy, and numerous well researched examples of innovative business models, it shows just how dramatically value is going to be reassigned within the industry."

Antony Slumbers, Technology Strategist

“This is a must read. Dror was one of the first to understand the dramatic changes affecting the real estate industry. I previously shared his ideas with tens of thousands of subscribers to my Real Estate Philosopher newsletter. His insights are now summarized into single book."

Bruce Stachenfeld, Chairman 
Duval & Stachenfeld LLP

"A must read for landlords, investors, or entrepreneurs who want to make money with real estate assets."

Guy Blachman, Founder & CEO,
Carson Living

"A fantastically detailed overview of the many ways technology is — and will — impact real estate in the years to come. A must read for anyone in the industry."

Mike DelPrete 
University of Colorado Boulder

“A must-read for anyone interested in learning about the evolving relationship between the digital and physical worlds."

Matthew Boras, Investor,
RXR Properties

“In real estate, much of what has worked in the past will not work in the future. Dror’s book gives a clear view of how real estate is changing and what we can all do to prepare for it."

Clint Myers, Partner,
ROTR Revolution Ventures

"Rethinking Real Estate serves as a perfect sequel to our PropTech 101 exploration; for those of you who want to delve intellectually deeper into the ecosystem, there is no wiser docent than Dror."

Zach Aarons, Co-Founder & Partner and Co-Author
MetaProp Ventures & Proptech 101

"This book will force you to rethink this sector from a whole new perspective. The paradigm shift happening across all asset types is masterfully broken apart, bringing a unique and global perspective to Proptech."

Marcin Pokorski, VP of Strategic Marketing
Eastdil Secured

About the Book

Technology is changing the way humans work, live, eat, shop, and travel. It changes the way goods are made, stored, and transported. And it facilitates new ways to design, build, operate, finance, and value real estate assets.

Technology is undermining and redefining the foundations of real estate value: the meaning of location and accessibility, the power of regulation and zoning laws, the flow of capital andinformation, and even the notion of scarcity itself. The result calls into question real estate’s role as an alternative asset with inherent value, stable income, and low correlation with the performance of other assets.

Billions in ventures capital are now pouring into the industry in an effort to drive — and capitalize on —  these changes. This capital drives the emergence of new technologies, new business models, and new competitors. It also presents new opportunities for existing players to make money — or to lose it.  More…

About the Author

Dror Poleg is the author of Rethinking Real Estate and the Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Technology and Innovation Council in New York. He is a former real estate and technology executive who now dedicates most of his time to researching the impact of technology on urban life and the way physical assets are designed, used, and valued. 

Dror’s insights on the future of cities and buildings have been featured in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and Business Insider. He regularly briefs and advises  senior executives from multibillion dollar organizations such as AvalonBay Communities, British Land, Dubai Holding, Cushman & Wakefield, and the National Multifamily Housing Council.  More…


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