Rethinking Real Estate, a new book by Dror Poleg

Rethinking Real Estate book by Dror PolegTechnology is changing the way humans work, live, eat, shop, and travel. It changes the way goods are made, stored, and transported. And it facilitates new ways to design, build, operate, finance, and value real estate assets.

Technology is undermining and redefining the foundations of real estate value: the meaning of location and accessibility, the power of regulation and zoning laws, the flow of capital andinformation, and even the notion of scarcity itself. The result calls into question real estate’s role as an alternative asset with inherent value, stable income, and low correlation with the performance of other assets.

Billions in ventures capital are now pouring into the industry in an effort to drive — and capitalize on —  these changes. This capital drives the emergence of new technologies, new business models, and new competitors. It also presents new opportunities for existing players to make money — or to lose it.

How to make the most of it? Rethinking Real Estate explores the evolution of  all asset types — from retail and hospitality projects, through office and residential buildings, to industrial and logistics facilities. It provides readers with key insights, methodologies, and practical strategies to identify risks, take advantage of emerging opportunities, evaluate new competitors, and transform their organization, project, venture, or career.

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“You have to read this book. It’s the clearest, most comprehensive analysis of the complete overhaul impacting real estate, largely driven by technology. Dror provides both an intellectual and practical dive into what is an incredibly exciting time for the sector."

Charlie Green, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,
The Office Group

“Weaves together deep research with timely insights and observations about evolutionary forces in our society and explains how these changes have (and will) impact the entire real estate industry… If you need to understand the future of real estate, read this book now!"

– Aaron Block, Founder & Managing Director, and Co-Author
MetaProp Ventures & Proptech 101

“A must-read for anyone interested in learning about the evolving relationship between the digital and physical worlds."

Matthew Boras, Investor,
RXR Properties