Real Estate is changing. Are you ready to make the most of it?

A 1-day workshop to get you up to speed on the latest technologies, business models, and management methods that are reshaping the real estate industry.

Developed based on hundreds of discussions with executives from:

Coworking, Coliving, and Beyond

What is the impact of new types of operators and concepts? What is driving demand? How do the unit economics work and at what scale? How defensible is this market and what can traditional landlords do to thrive in this new environment?

One day. Everything you need to know.

Artificial Intelligence, Data, and IoT

What new tools are available to collect and analyze property data? How will AI impact the industry? How to balance privacy concerns with new revenue potential? How new operators use data in developing new real estate products?  

Disruptive Technologies

Venture, M&A, and Innovation

How do startups identify business opportunities? What management methods nurture innovation in established companies? How to decide when to ignore, acquire, or partner with new operators? What role do VC funds play in reshaping the real estate industry?

What is the role of physical space in a world of Artificial and Augmented Reality? How will autonomous and flying vehicles impact buildings and cities? Is the Blockchain hype real? What do 3D printing and new materials mean for construction? 

Over the past two decades, Dror served as the CEO of, a location-based services startup, oversaw acquisitions and dispositions of Kardan Land's  $3-Billion property portfolio, and advised dozens of institutional investors and technology companies. 

Dror translates complex themes into clear insights, allowing you to make practical plans that will impact your bottom line.

His work draws on his experience developing real estate and software across four continents, as well as on formal training at the London School of Economics, INSEAD, and SUT.

Proptech Workshop Dror Poleg

Presented and moderated by Dror Poleg, founder of Rethinking Real Estate.

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