Real Estate Innovation Workshops

Real estate executives are facing a steep learning curve with the advent of new technologies, business models, and competitors.

We offer a series of executive workshops that will provide you with a solid understanding of upcoming changes to the industry, enable you to evaluate threats and opportunities in this context, and familiarize you with the relevant jargon and strategic frameworks.

Each workshop consists of three 2-hour sessions that include a presentation, a team exercise, and a freeform Q&A and discussion. The workshop ends with a fourth session to translate the day’s learnings into practical action items tied to measurable KPIs.

We currently offer three structured workshops:

Customer-Centric Real Estate 🦄

How to develop products and services that appeal to modern end-users?

This workshop is focused on applying strategic frameworks from the world of technological product development, including Lean methodology, Disruption Theory, Aggregation Theory, Jobs to be Done Framework, and more.

Underwriting Innovation 📈

How to estimate and justify the investment required today in order to create value tomorrow?

This workshop helps you identify and analyze the tools and capabilities your organization need to acquire or develop in the immediate, medium, and long term in order to remain competitive — and how to create a compelling narrative that will keep your investors, partners, and employees engaged and at ease.

Making Money with Data 💰

How to gather, analyze, and monetize the information created within your portfolio?

This workshop will help you identify opportunities to collect data, become familiar with the tools available for this purpose, understand the value and insights that may be gained from your data, and consider related privacy and legal issues.

We can also work with you to create a custom workshop in line with your organization’s specific needs and interests. 

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