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Dror translates complex themes into clear insights, allowing you to make practical plans that will impact your bottom line. His work draws on his experience developing real estate and software across four continents, as well as on formal training at the London School of Economics, INSEAD, and SUT. 

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Overview: Technology's Impact on Real Assets

How are different technologies redefining the way in which real estate assets are used, valued, and transacted? What does it mean to be a real estate company in the 21st Century? How do these changes impact the structure of the industry? What challenges and opportunities does this present?

Humans in Space: The Changing Needs of Tenants and End Users

How are new technologies impacting the way different tenants use physical space? How are tech-driven social and cultural changes affecting families, retailers, companies, and travelers? What solutions and service models are emerging to address these changes? How to develop customer-centric products and services?

Emerging Business Models: Coliving, Coworking, Home-sharing and Beyond

How are new services and operating models impacting the industry? What is driving demand for such services? How do the unit economics work and at what scale? How defensible is this market and what can traditional landlords do to thrive in this new environment?

Responding to Disruption: Strategy, Structure, and Synergies

How to decide when to ignore, partner with, copy, or acquire a new competitor? What hinders and nurtures innovation in established companies?  How do startups identify business opportunities? What are other real estate companies doing? 

Long term impact: Autonomous Vehicles, Micromobility, Drones, Blockchain, Advanced Materials, and More

What new technologies will impact real estate assets over the longer term? How will their emergence impact the competitive advantage of existing operators? What might be their impact on the way assets are valued? How should companies address these possibilities in their plans and strategies? 

Data: Best Practices for Collection, Analysis, Protection, and Privacy

The built environment is being filled with new sensors, cameras, and devices that gather unprecedented amounts of customer data. This creates new opportunities to make spaces safer, healthier, and more productive. It also introduces new financial, reputation, and political risks. How to optimize the way personal data is collected, used, and protected in spaces you own or operate?

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